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« August 2017 »
MJHC Board of Directors Meeting
  • Wednesday, 7:00pm EDT-9:00pm EDT   Ical event icon
  • Citizens Forum - Lakeview Arena
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game

Wouldn't it be great to get instant updates on your phone with changes to game times or practice times?  Here are steps to link your team’s calendar(s) to your e-mail account.

Step 1: Navigate to a Calendar Page
Step 2: Select the Tags that are only relevant to you
Step 3: Refresh the screen
Step 4: Select Subscribe to iCal Feed on the bottom of the Calendar
Step 5: Copy the iCal Feed Link

Next follow specific instructions for your phone.
iPhone Instructions:

Step 1: Tap the Settings on your iOS device's Home screen.
Step 2: Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars," then tap "Add Account" in the Accounts section.
Step 3: Select Add Account
Step 4: Select "Other"
Step 5: Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
Step 6: Paste in iCal Link that was copied from the Calendar into the Server Field
Step 7: Tap "Next," then enter a name for the calendar in the Description field.
Step 8: Tap "Save" to add the calendar to the Calendar app.
Step 9: View the Calendar

Android Users Instructions:

Note: To add an iCal Feed to an Android phone, this must be done on a computer.

Step 1: Navigate to:
Step 2: Log In to the Google Calendar that is used on your Android Phone
Step 3: Select Other Calendar
Step 4: Select "Add by Url"
Step 5: Paste in iCal Link that was copied from the Calendar
Step 6: Open up the Calendar on your Android Phone
Step 7: Select Calendars
Step 8: Select the Calendar you would like to View and Done
Step 9: View New Event